Cole’s Cuban Mix

It’s not a Cuban Mix without real Cuban Bread. The basis for the Cuban Mix, as any good local will tell you, is the bread. We think our Cuban Bread is the most authentic on the island. It is made fresh 7 days a week, by hand, from a traditional recipe. It’s the real thing. We even sell it at Fausto’s Food Palace. When you combine this one-of-kind bread with Sliced Ham, Shredded Pork, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Mayo, Pickles and Shredded Lettuce, you’ve got a great sandwich. Toast it in a “Plancha” or Cuban Sandwich Press until the meat and cheese fuse their flavors and the bread is slightly crusty on the outside, and you have a lunchtime experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the country. Comes with a choice of Chips, Cole’s Slaw or our famous homemade sides.

Key West Chef

About our Bakery

Select ingredients and chef-inspired preparations make our soups, salads and hand-crafted sandwiches an Old Town Key West tradition. Served with the best bread on the island. Please let us know if you have any allergies.